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Cookie mechanism

  1. The site uses small files, called cookies. They are recorded by Mundivie S.A. on the computer of the person visiting the website, if the web browser allows it. A cookie file usually contains the name of the domain it comes from, its "expiration time" and an individual, random number identifying this file. The information collected using this type of files gives the opportunity to compile general statistics of website visits.

  2. Toorank Poland S.A. uses two types of cookie files:

    • session cookies: after completing a session of a given browser or turning off the computer, the saved information is removed from the device's memory. The mechanism of session cookies does not allow the collection of any personal data or any confidential information from the client's computer,
    • persistent cookies: they are stored in the memory of the Customer's end device and remain there until they are deleted. The mechanism of persistent cookies, sent by the site, allows you to store data that allows the website to work properly.
    • Toorank Poland S.A. uses external cookies in order to:

      • collecting general and anonymous static data via Gemius Traffic analytical tools (administrator of external cookies: Gemius S.A. based in Warsaw),
      • popularizing the website using the social network service (external cookies administrator: Facebook Inc with its registered office in the USA or Facebook Ireland based in Ireland),
      • collecting general and anonymous static data via analytical tools of Google Analytics (administrator of external cookies: Google Inc. with its registered office in the USA),
      • The cookie mechanism is safe for users' computers. In particular, this way it is not possible to get viruses or other unwanted software or malicious software onto your computers. However, in their browsers, Customers have the option of limiting or disabling access of cookies to computers.

      • Below we present how you can change the settings of popular web browsers in the use of cookies:

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      • If the site contains links and links to other websites, Mundivie S.A. is not responsible for the privacy practices applicable to them. For this reason, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy adopted therein after going through the website to a site managed by another administrator.

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